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Time, Time, Time, Slipping Away

Yeesh, with all the upside-down-ness of things year, its not unexpected that we've had some dips in our plans for the year as well. Supply of rootstock for our spring grafting was severely limited, and as a result, there will only be a few dozen tree's available this year once grafts have taken. For those who got rootstock, we hope you took a chance to try some grafting this spring? For those who got them, but didn't, lets make plans to chatter about it this winter. Besides that, stay safe, enjoy the warm season that will begin to settle into true spring/summer fairly soon. And keep those darn caterpillars off your trees!! Soapy water helps, spray daily if needed. BTK is great, but stupid hard to find all of a sudden. Keep smiling, our plants are more resilient than we think, but as babies, do need some help. Cheers!!

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